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Usability Fail (Cebu Pacific Air) October 24, 2008

Posted by drea in Uncategorized.

I think a lot of websites in the Philippines desperately need something that’s actually functional. It took me two days to book my  Christmas flight via Cebu Pacific Air. Their famous tagline is “It’s time everyone flies.” While they have certainly made this possible with more accessible fares, booking an actual flight is time-consuming and tedious. I know they’re a major airline in this country, but just because it’s successful doesn’t mean it has to act like a monopoly.
My main complaints are that the fares posted on their website are inaccurate, and reserving a flight on the website is largely a hit-or-miss thing (does it depend on the day, the season, or the availability of tech support?).
The directory doesn’t list the numbers for the actual call centers. I called their cargo office by mistake and they gave me a wrong number. The other numbers on the directory are connected to either phones that ring off the hook, or are unmanned entirely, or even disconnected. I found the call center number on the website, which I called yesterday. When I called again today I was greeted with a lot of static and a dysfunctional touchtone connection. I ended up booking my ticket through the Manila call center instead.

When you can’t even trust the government to do it’s job in the simplest most basic sense, it’s quite disappointing to see that a company belonging to a reknowned business tycoon is so ill-operated in terms of customer service.


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