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T.G.I. Friday’s Cebu November 9, 2008

Posted by drea in food, restaurants.
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So it’s been a while since I’ve been to Cebu as I’ve been at school, but when I came back, the Terraces was one of the major changes that told me Cebu was growing. That, and the new flyover spanning a section of the road from Banilad to Talamban, which didn’t really help eliminate heavy traffic.

The terraces is a great place to hang out on Sunday Mornings. Great for brunch and not crowded at all. There are actual surroundings to appreciate, with tall buildings towering around the area like watchtowers. It was like a mini-Greenbelt, with great food to boot.

We scored an invite to T.G.I. Fridays to participate in their dry run and evaluate. The place was packed with managers from Manila, enthusiastic waiters, curious guests, and really loud (but good) music. It was a while to get used to, the place was buzzing with energy. But, on to the food. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

The service was great — staff was helpful, enthusiastic, and unabashedly flamboyant when the occasion called for it. T.G.I. Fridays is certainly an all-American establishment with the exception of the liempo dish. However, there were some flukes — like the ordered dishes going to another table instead — so they made up for it with a pina colada. Perhaps alcoholic to help calm down frazzled, and hungry guests. As for the food — while I enjoyed my salmon dish very much, my corn side dish was sour and I’m guessing rancid. The Baby Back Ribs did not absorb the marinade (Apple Barbecue Sauce) so it ended up bland. The Buffalo Wings appetizer was not as hot as I expected, but at that point we didn’t care. We were just happy to have a free dinner — besides, we were mere test bunnies while the restaurant was still ironing out its kinks. Filled us up fast.

Quality of service was definitely something T.G.I. Fridays works hard at, but I hope it fares well in a market that just wants its food fast and cheap. Nice touch with the addition of a Filipino dish but it doesn’t fail to remind us of all things good about America — superheroes and superstars, with all its pop culture memorabilia strewn around the place.

They had their first dry run today, but be sure to check them out on their grand opening on November 15th.



1. Cristine - January 29, 2009


want to have TGI Fridays Cebu phone number? Can you please advise..

Send me their phone no. to cristine_sosas@yahoo.com please.


2. Michal Garcia - February 13, 2009

Great blog drea!

I have been there a number of times, including their opening night and conclude that the Cebu location has the best customer service (and fastest internet connection) for any restaurant in all of the Philippines. I am from Texas but have never eaten at a TGI Friday’s in the US. Now I’m afraid that with such a good experience here, I won’t like TGIF back home.
The corn side dish was sour? I haven’t tried it, but I know from experience that much food in the Philippines is very sweet tasting to the western tongue – perhaps this is a case of experiencing the opposite.
As for “so they made up for it with a pina colada” – that’s standard procedure for good establishments worldwide. “We inconvenienced you, so now you deserve VIP treatment and/or free stuff.” Kudos to TGI Fridays. They’ve won me over four times already!

3. jheszca - February 18, 2009

hi i want the phone number of fridays in cebu…tnx..heres my number 09153064087

4. rain - September 14, 2009

Hola! i’ve tried their buffalo chicken wings and it was a disaster! It was the first time i tried to eat TGIF’s buffalo wings and I am afraid that i don’t want to try their other dishes. It was really a bad experience, the chicken itself is sour and a little slimy and the bleu cheese sauce dip was horrible, the ending was the waste basket!

One thing i would say is that don’t be fooled by the food presentation…to taste is to believe!

PS: I got the BUffalo chicken from TGIFriday Trinidad & Tobago Branch

jon - March 11, 2010

hello!but sometime’s there is a good country or place that the staff of the t.g.i.f might exceed you’re expectation!! thank you very much for the comment!

5. karl rasmussen - September 27, 2009

hi i want the phone number of fridays in cebu…tnx..heres my mail:

6. ryan - February 8, 2011


did you accept bartender practicume ??? can i apply as a bartender???

7. 2543224 - March 15, 2012

this establisment they serve well

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