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The Creative Class March 10, 2009

Posted by drea in urban planning.

In light of Cebu being chosen as the Philippines’ creative hub, I’ve started reading Richard Florida’s Cities and the Creative Class. He posits that it is the creative class — people who get paid for creative work — that drive economic development. This is not an elitist statement, but a recognition that since creativity is a trait found in every human, everyone has the potential to join the ranks of the creative class.

What’s an attractive city to such members of the creative class? It’s not one that fosters strong ties, which leaves little room for diversity and individual expression. It’s not shopping malls, tourist spots, or freeways. An attractive city is one that allows creativity to take root and flourish — “high-quality experiences, an openness to diversity of all kinds, and above all else the opportunity to validate such members as creative people. (p. 36)”