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What’s your itinerary? March 11, 2009

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Summertime has come quite early and so many of you might have relatives and friends from out of town raring to go to the beach and experience some of Cebuano culture. They might have been pestering you for weeks (which is simply a sign of their excitement).

This has happened to me many times and it took me a while to come up with an itinerary that’s not underwhelming. 

Any must-visit spots you tell your friends and relatives to go to — any hidden cultural treasure troves, any best-kept-secret eats? Share them here.


The Creative Class March 10, 2009

Posted by drea in urban planning.

In light of Cebu being chosen as the Philippines’ creative hub, I’ve started reading Richard Florida’s Cities and the Creative Class. He posits that it is the creative class — people who get paid for creative work — that drive economic development. This is not an elitist statement, but a recognition that since creativity is a trait found in every human, everyone has the potential to join the ranks of the creative class.

What’s an attractive city to such members of the creative class? It’s not one that fosters strong ties, which leaves little room for diversity and individual expression. It’s not shopping malls, tourist spots, or freeways. An attractive city is one that allows creativity to take root and flourish — “high-quality experiences, an openness to diversity of all kinds, and above all else the opportunity to validate such members as creative people. (p. 36)”

Tubodfest March 8, 2009

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I love that the British Council has chosen Cebu as a creative hub for the rest of the country to follow in example. I was able to catch the Tubodfest (Springfest in English) and I love it! It’s definitely a sign that creativity in the city is alive and flourishing. I can’t wait to personally get involved and contribute in my own little way to the city’s sociocultural development. Richard Florida has written about how a creative city is an economically productive city, and it’s one aspect that’s been regularly overlooked in other places. Hopefully Cebu will continue to grow into a vibrant city rich in culture.

In other news, expect the blog postings to pick up! As a fresh graduate I’ve relocated to Cebu and am looking for my first job. It’s daunting and exciting all at the same time, looking for where I can fit in this city full of potential. Also, I’m looking to widen the scope of this here blog. More than chronicling the city’s urban lifestyle, this blog will also highlight Cebu’s sociocultural, economic, and creative development. Will also catch up on comments as I renew my commitment to this blog.